Woman between science and society

Modern medical science has proved that the chemical combination of two X chromosomes results in the birth of female child but is that only factor that differentiate the position of a woman in stereotype society of men folk ?? Definitely No!!!

Psychological, political and physical dogmas do exist that determines the periphery of a woman’s identity. Some feminists often possess the view that women are psychologically dominated by men which is though harsh but half truth also.

Woman is not the subject matter of a gender only but in fact a critical endeavor to find and prove her own identity.

The field area of her lifespan is spread from bedroom to kitchen and from lipstick to lullaby only. At many points in her life, she suffers from physical pain,she learns to adjust with relations around her, she manages restlessly with circumstance. Ultimately at all points she passes through the voyage of tyrannical hegemony.

From Roman Goddess Venus to 21st century beauty queens , a woman has been always considered from the perspective of sex, beauty and lust. The original identity of actual empowering energy of women and her original perpetual strength of character has always been unnoticed, untouched. Lascivious eyes of male society often passes the comment upon women by calling her Ms. Spender but they under estimate her latent ability to manage monthly pocket  very efficiently. In early societies with high infant mortality rate and short life spans, polygamy was practiced. This was perhaps one of the reasons why women were usually kept away in seclusion and safety, but this practice eventually lead to the throttling of women rights.

From past to present

History of women empowerment is stretched towards all the directions of this globe. From Western Greek and Roman culture to Eastern Vedic culture, we find very strong unbreakable, unshakable and yet fruitful roots of empowering women. A woman in herself is a full fledged existence having all types of abilities and skills woven vividly beneath her strong and spontaneous character. She is a source of divine energy and light in her identity. Empowering women is not only a greatest social change of our modern society but also the utmost urge of developmental world. The term ‘Empowerment’ in itself is the synonym of woman existence. Women are already empowered souls often covered under the layers of ignorance and unawareness.

Woman is not only a soft gender resulted due to some chromosome combinations but she is most beautiful portray colored with  different shades beginning from love to luminary icon.

Often fascinating, yet always challenging life of a women at times proves to be labyrinth for her. However at some or the other turning point of her life, she is pushed to ask the all time evergreen question…WHO AM I !!!

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