QueenZ kingdom is a virtual fascinating wonderland on web world, especially created for every woman on earth where she can dive into the informative waves to get the jewels of her own identity and reflection. We have plucked some of the most precious pearls exclusively for fairies called Females.

In the words of “C.C.Campbell”

The greatest gift to a man is a woman but the greatest gift to a woman is Herself.

Women have fought a long battle of self identity for centuries. To prove her existence in patriarchal society she has not only suffered but also many times dedicated her own breathe. Despite such a long movement of women empowerment, even in 21st century also women are often kept deprived of their basic rights of equality and self respect. One of the best possible solution to overcome this injustice is knowing their original existence along with their own abilities, skills and efficiencies. “KNOW THYSELF is the principle that we believe in. Self Realization of her own soul is the only way to protect and preserve woman’s dignity and to empower her eternally.

A woman is an original enlightened soul in herself, but the mirror of her own actual existence is often covered with the dust of unawareness and ignorance. The sole purpose of our work is to remove this dust and to make this mirror of own existence crystal clear in the age of identity crisis. We have created an actual kingdom of Queens where you will find one of the biggest treasure of topics related to women and their life. We have represented a huge variety of points and issues under the sky.

We do not belong to any feminist movement nor we are in the war of male society. We are here only to present our views and the actual conditions of modern females in day to day life. Only effort of our work is to show a mirror in which a woman can see her own original reflection, her strength, her divine form, her source of skills and become self realized, not allowing any injustice to be occur in her life.

QueenZ kingdom welcomes all the princesses, queens and angels to her Fairy Land..!!Let’s get together to find our way of Self Realization..!!