Body Wash vs Soap:Confusion, Comparison & Conclusion

Body Wash vs Soap: Confusion, Comparison & Conclusion

Modern development has blown its horn more loudly for the last few years. We are always trapped amid the two end stretches in our life, i.e. the past traditions, which have paved a long way up till now and the second one is the new rays of tomorrow with some new ideas, creativity and fresh experiments!

body wash and shampoo

This may apply to our selection for Body wash vs Soap too equally. Have you ever felt yourself amid the great dilemma of choosing the one between these two, Body wash vs Soap?

Well, I have!!

And this has led me to find out the detailed solution and you may say a little deeper Ph.D. in this subject!

Before we move forward to compare these two guys, let us know something about them individually.

What is a body wash?

As per the description on Wikipedia about what is a body wash, it says that body wash is just a liquid product for cleaning the body. It is the mixture of water and detergent base along with the fragrance added to it. It is used as a skin cleansing agent in the bath.
What is a body washBut do you think this very attractive body wash or shower gel contains only these things? Of course not! Most of the body wash are now pH balanced in their ingredients. Some of the body wash contains some natural or herb infused contents, while some of them includes artificial flavors of different fragrances with aroma therapeutic benefits. It may also contain menthol in the body wash made for men. It also contains mild surfactant bases than shampoos along with conditioning agents.

At times we ask this question, what is the difference between a shower gel and a body wash. The answer is here!

Body wash has got many synonym names from his aunt! Body wash is also known as ‘shower gel’ and ‘shower cream’. So when you come across such names on different products, don’t get confused with the jugglery of words as they are one in form. So from now you may answer about what is the difference between a shower gel and a body wash, instead of asking the question, right?

There are certain types of body wash available in the market, which can be used as both body wash and shampoo.You may read Best Cleansing Body Wash.

What is a soap?

Soap is more familiar to all of us than a new comer body wash! You may be surprised to know that the first ever record of soap and its making procedure founded around 2800 BC in ancient Babylon.
what is soapThe ancient scripture of Egypt (1550 BC), the Ebers papyrus says that the ancient Egyptians used to bath regularly with the combined animal and vegetable oils with alkaline salts to create a soap type of substance.

So this way we may say that our soap uncle is our for-father in comparison to the young guy ‘body wash’!

Soap is usually made up with animal or vegetable oil, fats having a strong base like sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide etc. Fats and oils are composed of triglycerides. The glycerin is also used as by product and works as a softening agent.

Comparing both: Body Wash vs Soap

The most attractive colors and packaging of different cleansing liquids or say body wash may allure your mind easily. Of course its fragrance also plays a vital role in it. However, which is the better one for our skin?

Here is a detailed analysis of body wash vs soap.


Body wash is considered to be friendlier in moisturizing the skin in comparison to soap. The reason behind this may be the presence of alkaline products in the soap, which causes dryness of the skin, says Dr. Jennifer Chwalk, the famous dermatologist in New York City.

However, there are certain bar soaps, which are as hydrating as a body wash. They include such ingredients, which are full of moisture, such as aloe Vera, glycerin, botanical oils etc.  So many times, we ask the question, is it bad to wash your face with bar soap? The answer is, no! Not all the time it is bad. You may use some high end products of bar soaps.

Ease of Use:

In this field, bar soap wins the race as you may remove its cover, apply it on the body and after that just put it in soap case. But in the case of body wash, you have to take out a certain amount of lump out of the bottle and then apply it on the body. In this way, there are full chances sometimes that the waste of body wash may happen.
body wash Ease of Use

Hygienically Sound:

We often nurture the misconception that bar soap harbors some type of bacteria on its surface, especially when it is used by more than one person. But recent studies have proved that there is little risk in it. In this way, body wash is more prone to generate bacteria while using it with a loofah or wash cloth.

Cost effectiveness:

This factor depends upon different products. There are certain high end soaps which are even costlier than body wash. So the image of body wash that they are costly is not rightly measured. However, you can save your body wash if you don’t use them, but you can’t stop soap decreasing their size, even if you don’t use them, because it depends on its contact with water. This way body wash is more cost effective.

Space controller:

You may keep your bar soap in the bar box on the same wall of the bathroom like a wise cute baby. But you have to consider a particular special place for the big bottle of body wash. So from this perspective, bar soap is quite preferable.

Travel friendly:

You can take bar soap with you during travelling, but the real challenge comes when you are in a hurry to leave the room and you cannot take your wet soap out of shower ledge and pack it in your kit box. Of course, keeping a polythene bag all time with you may be the solution but not all the time. So at this time, your body wash bottle will serve you better.

Last but Not least- your own choice:

Above all factors may play a vital role in choosing and deciding the final call between body wash vs soap, but the last factor depends upon you exclusively. If you can accept the body wash or bar soap with their all pros and cons, then you can use any of them. So it is up to you to check your choice of fragrance, cost effectiveness, usability or pocket affordability.

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