Discrimination is a Disease

“Discrimination is a Disease”, says Roger Staubach. This monster has created differences, inequality and injustice prevailing its dynasty over the globe. Its roots are deeper and stronger from the perspective of its effects. It has various forms and faces through which it attacks on human beings. Gender, cast, color, race and sex are some of its favorite weapons.

According to Oxford Dictionary

The original form of discrimination spread on earth is not only disruptive but also disgusting. According to Oxford Dictionary, discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the ground of race, age and sex. Whereas Wikipedia describes it as an action that denies social participation or human rights to categories of people based on prejudices. Both these definitions are enough able to clear the cruel face of discrimination.

Discrimination is destructive for human society

People and things under the sky are defined and distinguished according to their specific characteristics but when they start to be discriminated, it becomes destructive for human society. Nationality, age, sex, education, color of skin, disease, social status, employment physical plus mental ability and religion are some core areas where the legs of discrimination are diffused. Merely because a particular person belongs to a certain group or social category, he/she is forced to deprive of hi/her fundamental rights such as dignity, right to equality, parental rights, right to own land or property ,right to have education, equal pay rights, employment rights, right to vote, right to marriage etc. The treasure of our literary work is flourished with bounteous diamonds of best fictions describing the horrible face of discrimination. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s famous work Uncle Tom’s Cabin is one of the best examples of the racial segregation.

Discrimination is pervasively spread in the realm of women’s issues for generations. This difference between male and female is more psychological than physiological. Proverbs like Blue for Bunty and Pink for Pinky is the general mentality of pompous society. Its seeds are sown in the minds from childhood only. Boisterous behavior and rowdy nature of boys are often encouraged and accepted by parents and teachers, but if girls show this type of behavior, then she is called pert. This dogma results in the rule of men over women and often women have to suffer from this. Unjust social customs like polygamy, wife obedience, servitude, child marriage, purdah and devdasi are encouraged in society through narrow and rigid mentality of people.

United Nations Human Rights

United Nations Human Rights source says that women work two third of world’s working hours and produce half of world’s food. Still the ugly face of reality is that women own less than 1% of the world’s property and earn only 10% of world’s income. The number of women living in rural poverty has increased to 50% since 1975. Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia do not allow women to drive. Chinese parents prefer to adopt boys as compared to girl child. If any woman in Nepal is raped or assaulted, her perpetrators can move freely in the country because they are neither punished nor arrested for this crime. In India, women’s laws are like lion without teeth and nails. Yemeni women are least empowered. Females are more educated and employed in western countries like America, but still they suffer from different type of discrimination in their employment issues. They are paid lesser than their male colleagues. This pay gap difference is prevailed even in modern 21st century also. In developing Asian countries, the roots of social beliefs and customs are stronger, rigid and cruel for women. In some parts of these countries, girls are forced to marry according to their parents’ wish and social status without asking the girls’ own consent and sometimes in childhood only..!! In some castes and regions girls are considered to be a curse and they are killed in embryo raising the issue of female feticide. They are never encouraged to educate themselves and to become economically independent. They are meant to marry and to perform household duties only. This sometimes fires the burning issue of dowry also. They are abused, assaulted and vilified sometimes publically at any place. Domestic violence and Honor Killing is another form of women’s suffering. In some countries, a woman is banned to inherit the property from her parents or husband. By limiting her right to marry, remarry or not to marry in the condition of forced child marriages and divorce, women are always tried to confine at every sphere of their lives.

From The United Nations Women’s Treaty to give them equal political and public rights, to Indian National Commission for Women Act, 1990, though many efforts have been imparted to improve the social, economical and political situation of women, much more efforts are needed yet to gain 0% gender discrimination and 100% women empowerment. 1st March is celebrated as ‘Zero Discrimination Day’ worldwide, but all these efforts will be fruitful only when people of the whole earth will come together holding hand in hand to abolish and destroy this monster from its deeper and stronger roots.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes beautifully states,” The soul has no gender.” Keeping this divine truth in heart, we can easily conquer the kingdom of equality, justice and happiness..!!!


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