Do Fish Sleep and take their snooze zzzzz’s? Had your teacher told you ?

Do Fish Sleep?

Yesterday strolling down the streets of my city, I came across to the very attractive blue board full of aquatic images. And there I was at the doorstep of a huge aquarium!

aquarium fish

As it was the evening time and having no work in my ‘to do’ list for that evening, I couldn’t resist myself from entering into it.  Wandering over there before different types fish boxes, I saw many of them having almost done with their dinner and now preparing their bed to sleep, no matter how many fool visitors like me were gazing them!

At that time a sudden thought flashed in my small mind that, “do fish sleep actually?” And this silly thought is the birth place of this article, which you are going to read now. It is going to be full of a pinch of knowledge, a slice of amazement and full bucket of enjoyment for you.

Quest Of Finding the Fact Do Fish Sleep.

If you have ever observed the fish in your small aquarium, you might have noticed them always wondering here and there, hovering sometimes upon the crevices of their small houses and sometimes near some plants.

Have you ever seen them snoozing or taking their zzz’s like us humans? Perhaps never! Right? Then, does it mean that they don’t need rest? Or do they have a special mechanism which allows their body to move 24/7 without any rest? If no, then what are the methods or ways or say symptoms we get that they are actually now sleeping or say taking rest?

Yes my dear readers, although they don’t prepare their cozy bed, snugly covers and soft pillow to have a deep sleep and move into the wonderland of dreams, they do sleep!

fish swim in their sleep

However, watching them or say finding them actually sleeping is not that much easy as you may think. Then here the question arises that how do fish sleep? How can we know that they are now sleeping and we should not disturb them?

As a matter of fact, the sleeping positions of fish depends upon their individual spices to which they belong. Yes, different fishes have different sleeping styles, just like us.

Some of us would like to sleep straight, some may enjoy inverted sleeping position upwards down, some may tend to sleep right or left side of their own. But every one of us take our zzz’s snooze in our comfortable situation because truly it is the time to get our body charged with energy to work for the next day and hence we need complete comfortable rest of our body and mind.

Same way, this aquatic wonder’s body is also made with such a special mechanism that allows their body to get enough rest and this way getting charging them fully. Fishes generally don’t sleep like us lying on bed or bottom of aquarium or sea or river.

Do fish sleep with their eyes open ?

Most of the fishes sleep in trance mode of spiritualism. Yes, you may wonder to know that they even don’t close their eyes because they don’t have their eyelids also!

Of course, sharks the exceptional which have even eyelids but they don’t use them to take their cozy snoozes during night. They use their eyelids to protect themselves from other animals during encounters only.

The sleeping period of fishes are too much shorter than humans like us. The period of their sleeping is like a daydream period of ours during daytime. You may compare it with our small napping in office also!

Generally fishes take a short breaks during day and night times. These break times are their sleeping time actually! It is this time which they use to take rest and sooth their body.

Let us have an exercise! Keep your eyes open and try to get sleep! ‘Oh come on how silly you are talking!’, I am sure that you might be thinking like this for me, right?

Yes my dear friends, you are right for us it may be a silly thing but this is the lifestyle that fishes do actually follow! They sleep with their eyes open completely.

Their period of sleeping is the time when their activities and motion of body gets slower and this way they conserve energy within and restore their body.

Have you ever noticed a gold fish hovering at the bottom of the tank or aquarium box in a slow motion? That’s its sleeping time! Yes, gold fishes during their rest time move around the bottom of the tank and if during this time you give it some food, it may take some more time to come and take that food. Just like our mother yell at us while in the morning waking us even at 9am and it is yet too early for us to get up in the bed, right na? Perhaps all of us have experienced this at some or the other period of time in our life.

Most of the fishes keep moving in water during their sleep time because they have to maintain their ventilation system in water to get balanced with the oxygen supply they need. Hence, while seeing some fish moving here and there, don’t assume that they are awake. Of course you may judge their status by the speed of their motion of moving. If they are moving slowly, that means they are sleeping. So don’t disturb them!

The surprise is yet to come! There are certain types of fishes that go to the wonderland of sleep just like humans do! They go into such a deep meditative sleep that you can lift them up and transfer them anywhere and still they don’t get wake up!

parrot fish

Another wonder is parrot fish. This type of fishes secretes a special kind of mucus type jelly balloon, which covers it when it sleeps! This is the sign of a parrot fish that now it is sleeping blowing the alarm of ‘don’t disturb me!’

One more such wonder is Zebra fish. During its sleeping time, it lays its tail down to the bottom of tank and slips into the sweet sleep!

Do you think that just like we humans sometimes face some difficulty in sleeping, same way fishes also may face such insomnia? Oh, yes my dear friend, to your surprise, I would like to disclose this fact that zebra fish sometimes lack hypocrite receptors and this way they show the sign of insomnia. During this time they don’t sleep like earlier it used.

Zebra fish is one of the most sober and innocent species of fish because when you disturb it during its sleep, it wont get bothered. As soon as you stop disturbing it, it will soon fell asleep! And what we will do if this happens to us?!! Fingers crossed!!

zebra fish

The sleep cycle of fishes also depends upon the environment around and lighting effect of their dwellings. If you turn off the lights of their tank or set the interior of their tank in such a way that they may sleep comfortably, they will thank you for your thankless job!

Fishes like minnows and coral reef are very active and sleep at night. There are also other types of fishes which do the vice versa.

So here was a spice dish of some sweet and sour knowledge and more interesting facts about how do fish sleep. Now time to get sleep, of course not like our small fish buddies!!


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