Don’t celebrate Women’s Day- Women’s day special

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Women's Day
Welcome to the amazing wonderland of Women!
As we all know that today world is celebrating ‘so called’ International women’s day across the globe. Here I am not anti feminist or psycho as I am using the word ‘so called’. Yes, I have some solid reason for using this typical bold word!
In the year 1911, when the tradition of celebrating women’s day started, at that time, also we were wrong and today, when women are enough empowered, we are wrong! I beg extreme pardon for my harsh words, but avoiding the harshness of my words, I would like to request you to focus on the inner crux of my topic.

Empowerment word is used for those articles or persons who are weak. To elevate such persons or things, we need to make our hard efforts and of course, extra concern. Because as a human being all of us know that injustice or humiliation is not accepted for us in any case, whether it is for females, or children or labors. Even we are right now walking on the paths of so many campaigns for conservation of our wild life animals and our bio diversity too. Because we know the importance of living existence and its dignity. Therefore it is praise worthy that we are now aware about the empowerment of all living entities and not only for human beings.

However, the reason behind the revolting argument that I have done in second argument is that, how can you make something or somebody empowered, when he/she/it is already empowered? Yes, by celebrating such so called women’s days we are actually humiliating the strength of women that she already posses since her existence in the world! Women have been accepted as the potent energy in all historical scriptures from all religions. So my question, here, is that “can Energy be weak or lower?” if your answer is No, then why we are celebrating such foolish days! And if your answer is Yes, then immediately you need to go to psychiatrist!

A woman, who gives birth to her child by suffering the maximum pain that exists in this world, can never be weak! A woman, who works very hard in the fields due to her poverty, just to feed her 5 year old child, how can she be weak? A woman who is doing not only her household works, nut also maintains the small business of pottery in the streets of some village in China, do you think that she need your ‘empowerment’ tag? Women of Angola, a small African state, performs almost all her duties in agriculture fields and also nurtures her child along with entertaining and serving her husband. Does she need to celebrate ‘women’s empowerment day’? In some coastal area states of the world, women are equally involved in fishing business with men from weaving the net for fishing to sell the fishes in markets. I don’t think they might ever have thought about their empowerment!

‘Empowerment’ is a very attractive and catchy sociological word, which is captured by some foolish and ignorant people. Without knowing the real understanding of this highly talented word, they are simply misusing this word in some non-sense activities and for some people.

womens day special
I agree with the point that world has not developed yet, and there are yet so many women, who are suffering from the injustice and humiliation from not only family and society but also from states and countries. But this is a complete another issue. You need to make them aware of their importance and their actual energy that lies within them. We actually need to ignite the flame of energy, which can create a huge fire of change and transformation in the whole world. We also need to educate those females, who are suffering just because of a single reason, i.e. ignorance.
However, merely because of these reasons, we cannot say that women need to be empowered. Women are already empowered ignited souls, which are shining the world with their latent energy! If you really wish to work for females, then remind them this fact that Women does not need to be empowered because they already are! Every day is a women’s day if she learns this fact.
Now tell me, do you still feel that we need to celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’?

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