Am I Living or Leaving to Live?

dusk-014Obsessed with Oblivious Expectations,

Unfulfilled Desires,

Burnt  Ambitions,

Broken Wings,

Devastated Dreams,

And Lifeless Life..

A dew of Dream knocks my door daily,

And the brutal stream of wind dries it up,

Before I hear the sound of Knocking.

Wait is too long to Wait,

And Time is in too hurry to Listen my Words.

Is that the Shadow of Dusk or Darkness within?

Am I Living or Leaving to Live?

Unanswered Questions often crushing my Consciousness,

Rising like a Blade of Fire,

Or say Frustration.

Wonderland of Woods and Springs,

Birds and Mountains,

Rain and Smoky Aromatic Evenings,

Have Lost the Fragrance of His Flute..

His Melodious Tunes and Songs of Separation.

All have been Slashed with the Axe of cruel Time..

And my Feet are still Standing there,

Wondering that

Am I Living or Leaving to Live??

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