Top 10 Best Cleansing Body Wash that Keeps You ever youthful

Best Cleansing Body Wash

Is your bathroom filled with the rampant odor of a long queue of variety of different products? The answer of most of the beauty queens like us will be ‘of course yes!’ right?
Top 10 Best Cleansing Body WashNow it has become the talk of the past to use soap and water only to cleanse our body. We have moved on quite farther in the direction of inventing new aromatic options to use for bath.

Body wash is such a scented invention in our beauty board! Isn’t it? Often it attracts us with its everlasting smell and silky skin. And this is the main reason of its growth nowadays.

In addition to their long lasting fragrance and silky feelings, they are very friendly while using with loofah or sponge. It makes the scrubbing of our body smooth and removes all dead skin swiftly.

And this results in a shiny, soft, clean and fresh skin ever you had dreamt!

Are you fudged up wondering for the window shopping of various best cleansing body wash and yet confused? Here we have brought to you a finely categorized list of Top 10 Best Cleansing Body Wash.

Difference between Body Wash & Body Soap

It has a very subtle yet significant difference between both body wash and soap. Although both of them are used to cleanse the body, each one of them have their independent importance.

Soap is a quite traditional cultured product to be used for various uses such as cleaning, washing, bathing etc. it is also used sometimes in textile industry for spinning. Whereas body wash is exclusively made to cleanse your body neatly.

Soap includes the ingredients like vegetable or animal oil, fatty acids like sodium hydroxide or say potassium hydroxide. While, body wash is made up of a mixture of water and detergent base along with extra fragrance added in it. It doesn’t contain any soap in it.

In comparison to body soap, body wash has the advantage that it is less irritating to the skin. And this way softer than soaps and gentler to the body skin. If you have still confusion in your mind read  Body wash vs soap.‎

Difference between Body Wash & Body Soap

How to choose Best Cleansing Body Wash?

Now it has been cleared that body wash is beneficial for our skin rather than chemically crude soap. But the highly brain scratching question is ‘How to choose Best Cleansing Body Wash?’ How to check which suits our skin best?

Along with skin friendliness, we also want aromatic body gel, which make us shine whole day! Isn’t it?

So dear friends, here are some short and sweet Tips to choose Best Cleansing Body Wash or Body Gel.

  • Fragrance or smell is the first thing that comes in our mind while choosing any bath products. Right? So it is the first step to select your favorite fragrance. If you like some refreshing flavor, choose lemon, mint, orange or some citrus fruit smells along in addition to cucumber also. If you want relaxing fragrance, then choose lavender, rose or chamomile. But if you are fond of some dessert type sweet smells, then cocoa butter and vanilla are best options for you.
  • Before buying body wash another important point to keep in mind is ‘type of your skin’. If you have dry skin, select moisturizing body gel and never purchase any scented one. If you have oily skin, then you can prefer most of the gels. However, check the properties of the same before you buy it. If you have normal skin, then you are luckier and can have either kind of body wash.
  • Many of us may have some allergic reactions or sensitive skin. But don’t worry dear friends, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use body wash. There are some best body wash for sensitive skin are also available in market. Generally, perfumes and certain chemicals like Sodium Laurel sulfate are responsible for skin allergies. So for this you should try to buy such products which are made of natural and organic ingredients and perfume less.
  • Many of the shower gels are made up with exfoliates, which helps to scrub the skin and clear the dead skin from your body leaving soft and clean skin to your possession. Generally, these exfoliates are made of crushed wall nut shells, ground almonds, oatmeal, sugar, fruit seeds etc. However, some of them also use inorganic micro beads, which are made of plastic and harmful to skin, environment and eco system. So you should avoid gels containing such exfoliates.

Let’s start shopping for Best Cleansing Body Wash

Here is the list of 10 Best Cleansing Body Wash, which will make your bath refreshing, everlasting aromatic and energetic.

#1 Beecology Natural Body Wash
Beecology Natural Body Wash
This is one of the finest body wash having 9.9 ratings of its users. The key feature of making it this much popular is its organic manufacturing and completely free of any sulfates or preservatives. It leaves such a light smell and refreshing effect on your body that you get mesmerized with its fragrance.

#2 Bobbi Brown Beach Shower Gel
Bobbi Brown Beach Shower Gel
Having the average member rating of 9.6, this is the easiest escape window to get rid of your daily routine and get refreshed. It makes you feel like you are on beach with sun shine and sand. It has a rich lather which cleanses your body neatly along with leaving a loving aroma cover around you.

#3 Origins A perfect World Creamy Body Cleanser with White Tea
Origins A perfect World Creamy Body Cleanser with White Tea
This creamy, smooth and rinsing body wash is liked by many users and possesses the average member rating of 9.5. Its users have found it most useful in changing the texture of their skin color after its use. The creamy, bubbly and aromatic foam nourishes your skin with silky touch.

#4 Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash
Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash
The main specialty of this body wash is that it is useful and friendly to both elders as well as children too. Those who have sensitive skin, this body wash is a blessing for them. It has a very light complexion of chemicals and made from natural ingredients.

#5 Avalon Organic Bath and Shower Gel
The very attractive features of this body wash are its so aromatic fragrance and completely natural and organic ingredients. Yes this body wash is useful, again, for those who have sensitive skin. It is very gentle and smooth and non-irritating to your skin. You may have it as a high quality organic product.

#6 Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel
Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel

One of the reviewer calls this gel ‘shower gel from the heaven’! I feel that these words are enough to say about this product, aren’t they? It has tremendous amazing fresh fragrance blend with spices, herbs and fruits. It makes your skin smooth and silky. It is used as stress remover also by many of its users.
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#7 Nivea Moisturizing Body Wash
Nivea Moisturizing Body Wash
It has the average rating of 9 and very popular among the long lasting smell seekers. Its creamy content plays the role of lotion for the body and helps to sustain the moisture of the body for full day. It is also comfortable for your pocket.

#8 Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel
Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel
It is one of the most refreshing start up gel to kick your day with a new buzz on tired mornings. Its citrus flavor and aroma fills you with the treasure of refreshing smell for whole day. It is completely made of natural and bio ingredients. It helps to sooth your skin after wash.

#9 Dove Go Fresh Body Wash
Dove Go Fresh Body Wash
This is one of the best product for those who have dry skin. Its creamy molecules locks the moisture in your skin and keeps the same smooth and soft for whole day. It guarantees the softness of skin as it is made up with natural elements like cucumber, green tea and pure hydrating milk. It also helps to maintain the pH level of body.

#10 Pears Pure & Gentle Shower Gel
Pears Pure & Gentle Shower Gel
Many of us may have a childhood connection with Pears, haven’t we? This often attracts us to its smooth and gentle content not only to the skin but also to our mind. Its soothing smell and aroma leaves your body in a new wonderland of happiness and calm throughout the day. It hydrates the skin nicely, balances the pH level and prevents the dryness. It also has its sexy hook to hang it easily.


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